Giuseppe Frausini in 1982 attended the University course and later took a degree in Architecture by "La Sapienza" University of Rome. From 1983 the study began its activity concerning at first works destined to the carrying out and restoration of private houses, buildings and interior designs of business activities, head offices and branches of banks etc. Then in the years, were discussed the planning issues concerning the restoration of the historical palaces, carrying out multiunits residential buildings, carrying out plans , contributing to the building carrying out of holiday resorts, industrial building and so on. Sometime, when i have a break, i think what i would answer if someone asked me a typical question for a designer : " What does it mean Architecture ? " It is a seemingly simple question , but challenge the whole conduct of a professional life and to which it is necessary to answer synthetically, essential quality for every designer. When, using in the best way the materials and the available current technologies, perhaps we put them in a close connection in a new and unusual, but consistent way, we create spaces, manufacture, premises, objescts (big or small ) that manage to arouse some positive emotion or wellbeing by the ones who use them and live, move, work, notice, then we made a good architecture. The level of the architectural result will be definitely conditioned by a lot of  inner and outer factors, such as our own in-built abilities, the opportunities and experiences of personal and professional growth, the rules conditioning, the sensitivity of the purchasers and so on. There is however an ethical duty to which no architect can evade by virtue of the responsability that he hasas a shaper of the spaces where the people live and so of his own works of any dimension, location and for anyone they have been planned, so that it can always be visible the determination, the work, but above all the passion that must enhance one of the best professions in the world .